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Our Story

Vesan Keo created Elite Training Discipline in Melbourne Australia out of his passion for bodyweight training.

His own experience with bodyweight training inspired him to create high-quality equipment that will help you train anywhere you want. 

At Elite Training Discipline we want to share the knowledge we have acquired over the years about this type of training to help you have a healthy body that moves freely without restrictions. 

Bodyweight training, also known as Calisthenics, will help you build strength, agility, and balance using only the weight of your body and without the need for fancy equipment or going to the gym. 

Build strength and mobility with our equipment and get the most out of your training program.  Simplicity and passion define us. We want to inspire you to pursue your fitness goals using simple and easy-to-use tools.

We strive for improvement. We give you the tools; now it’s your turn to challenge yourself, push past your limitations, and achieve your goals.