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6 Reasons You Should Train with Gymnastics Rings

Posted on September 12 2019

6 Reasons You Should Train with Gymnastics Rings



6 Reasons You Should Train With Gymnastics Rings


From long hours at the gym to pushing yourself with new workouts, training requires hard work and discipline to get the results you want, in any athletic pursuit. Determination and focus are essential. Striving not to be better than someone else, but to be better than yourself the day before.


Setting aside the time to work on these goals can be the biggest struggle. What if there was a way to train more efficiently and intensely, propelling your strength forward and giving you more bang for your workout buck?


Ring training is a versatile, effective, creative, and challenging way to train that brings together simple movements and balance to build strength and mobility. Read on to see 6 reasons training with gymnastics rings is the perfect way to strengthen your body, anywhere.




Let’s start with versatility. Ring training allows you to do a variety of simple and more complex movements with the same piece of equipment. From pull-ups, push-ups, and simple dips, to more advanced muscle-ups and forward rolls and beyond, there is an endless variety of movements for any skill level.


Gymnastics rings are also compact, which means you can have versatility not only in how you train, but where! Just move your rings outside and set them up in a matter of minutes to experience a whole new feel to your training.




Creativity in life is vital to our overall happiness and wellbeing and your training should be no exception. Getting stuck in a repetitive routine of the same movements on a loop is not only a negative for your body, but it’s boring as well!


Training using rings facilitates compound movements that exercise several muscle groups simultaneously, keeping your body guessing. It also means you can be creative and transition to different exercises mid-flow.


You can move freely and be fully in the moment as you train, flowing from exercise to exercise, doing what feels right for your muscles and joints that day. With ring training, it’s easy to tailor your workout to your mood and energy level instantly. No stopping to remove or add weights from a bar, no stopping reps to adjust a machine’s resistance, just using your body weight to modify your workout effortlessly.


Superior Muscle Development


If you are considering training with rings, you are likely looking to build muscle, gain strength, and improve balance and mobility. When it comes to muscle development, ring training is highly effective.


There is a reason gymnasts have as much muscle mass as they do! Training on rings activates countless muscle groups, both large and small, as you work to stabilize yourself in the movements. It’s an incredibly efficient way to build muscle, particularly in your upper body, and core!


Beginner Tip: Even just basic pull-ups on the rings are a great way to start building your strength. Start at an introductory height, and gently lean back, straightening your arms, then pull yourself up on the rings back to standing straight. This gentle beginner's pull-up will help you get used to the rings and start building some core and upper body strength! Remember, build slowly when you’re first starting to train with rings to avoid injury.

(See image below)



Increase Mobility and Flexibility


Strength and muscle building aside, ring training offers more dynamic and varied movement, which offers many benefits aside from the pure gain in muscle mass and strength. Muscle awareness, balance, mobility, and flexibility are just some of the benefits of training using rings.


An increased range of motion, which can be difficult to acquire in most athletic pursuits, is also gained from this style of training. Gentle, beginner exercises are especially beneficial for those starting out, particularly older athletes looking to maintain or improve their balance.


In addition to better mobility and flexibility, training with gymnastics rings also improves joint health. Gymnastics rings engage the smaller stabilizing muscles around your joints, particularly shoulder and elbow joints as you balance and work to stabilize yourself in the rings. By engaging and strengthening these small muscles your joints are better protected and the risk of common injuries to those areas is reduced.


So, if you are worried about your joint health and injury prevention, ring training is a great way to help stave off potential weak spots down the line.




You probably already know the importance of stabilizing muscles in any form of sport or training. Training with gymnastics rings is a great way to unlock your stabilizing muscles and strengthen them throughout your body, effectively.


Because gymnastics rings are unstable, your body is constantly compensating for this instability by tapping into your core and balance. In addition, the higher tension caused by the stabilization provides a new level of intensity on each exercise expediting the development of muscle mass.


Fight Aging Tip: As we age our ability to stabilize and balance ourselves declines and can lead to falls and other injuries. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will suffer from a serious fall, and that number only increases with age. Training with rings is an excellent way to increase your balance and stay healthy and fit for life. If you are a younger athlete, you will be setting yourself up with the building blocks for a healthy, active lifestyle as you age, not to mention getting in great shape today!


Affordability and Portability


Gymnastics rings are lightweight and extremely easy to take with you. Whether it’s just from one room of your house to your back garden, or in your backpack on a trip across an ocean, the rings can be easily packed and brought along with you. They are compact, lightweight, durable, and travel-friendly.


In addition to being light, packable, and compact, training rings are also extremely affordable.  Most gym memberships will cost more than a set of rings would per month. This can mean huge savings if you are looking to improve your overall health and wellness on a budget. Ditch the costly gym membership and invest in a set of training rings instead! You’ll also save time and energy by working out at home.


Traveller Tip: If you’re a nomad or full-time traveller, gymnastics rings are a great fitness item to pack and bring with you. Gyms often require you to have a permanent address and bank account to sign up and train there, which means you can be out of luck when it comes to using a gym in a foreign country. Carrying your own training rings means you can work out on your own terms and save money!


How to Get Started


So, how can you get started with ring training?


If you’re a beginner, start low and increase slow is your new mantra! Ring training for beginners means building slowly and see what feels right for your level of athleticism. Start with basic postures and movements to build strength and work up from there as you gain strength, balance, and mobility.


If you’re a more advanced athlete but have never tried ring training, start today and see how far you can go! If you already have a solid muscle base, are flexible, and have good balance you’re off to a great start. Keep in mind that ring training is tough, even on seasoned athletes, so be ready to challenge yourself!


Ready to get started? Check out our full range of products here to start your training journey now Have questions? Contact the Elite Training Discipline team today We’ve got the tools to help you become your strongest self, today.


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